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Merry Christmas, even to protectionists

Dear Jason:

Assuming you are real (I’m guessing not), I wish you a Merry Christmas, even though your economic views are about as old and debunked as Santa himself.


P.S.- Nikhil, bringing back Christopher Hitchens would be awesome.


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This is Rich…

Jee whiz! One might think Chuck Schumer sounds much like a Republican. Despite calling for tariffs on numerous occasions in the past, Schumer is right in this instance that tariffs are bad policy. However, we have put tariffs on Canadian products — like timber. The U.S., Schumer in particular, needs to look in the mirror.

Maybe Chuck Schumer should work at eliminating taxes that hurt New York wineries here in the U.S. —  where he has a powerful vote on the Finance Committee. He has the power to repeal/reduce the taxes he’s voted for in the past few years that, no doubt, hurt wineries just the same as Canadian tariffs do.

Canada has no incentive to listen to Schumer, especially since the U.S. has pursued protectionist policies — including most recently a ban on Canadian companies bidding on certain federal infrastructure projects in the United States.

If Schumer really wants to help Canadian wineries, he’ll drop the protectionist two-step racket and favor free markets. That is the best way to get Canada to drop its tariffs. 

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