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Who Did It Best?

Bloomberg interviewed a logo maker to discuss Presidential campaign logos:

It was the 2008 election, and that famous letter “O,” that changed everything, says designer Sagi Haviv, a partner in the New York firm Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv who has designed logos for the Library of Congress, Armani Exchange, and Harvard University Press, among other clients.

Overall, I found his insights sort of meh. Read the item and judge for yourself.

Particularly, what he had to say about Rick Perry’s logo:

“Like Hillary’s logo, this design is attempting to combine a letter with another element, here a star. However, unlike Hillary’s design, [which] marries the H and the arrow nicely, this marriage is extremely awkward. The star looks like it’s been slapped on top of the P, and the two elements are fighting each other visually.”

Uh, sure. How about the fact that it’s pretty much a stock logo format used by common brands?

who did it best

Who did it best?

My vote: Popeye’s.