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Tomorrow I am embarking on a trip to the wonderful country* of Scotland. (*Scotland is technically ruled by Her Majesty the Queen, E II R.)

What am I to learn by visiting the land of gingers for my sister’s graduation from St. Andrews? (I know some will ask, much to my consternation, in four years she hasn’t found time to play the Old Course.)

Scotland is home of the famed William Wallace of Braveheart lore, and roughly .59 times the population of New Jersey and slightly smaller than Maine in size.

Yet, Scotland is part of a government that effectively bans Lucky Charms (maybe to spite Ireland?), whereas I am a resident of a country that bans haggis. This should be interesting. In addition to being the home of golf, Scotland is also home to delicious Scotch (I do prefer bourbon) and Adam Smith.

Scotland is also nearing a referendum that might give it independence from the United Kingdom.

I shall keep you updated with dispatches. Stay tuned to this blog for more.