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Bomblecast #18

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Links from today’s episode:

Here’s episode 18 of the Bomblecast:

Tuesday Links

Silly protectionists...

A new article on Bomble.net

e21: Industrial policy still doesn’t work

CafeHayek: Do Political Borders Possess Transformative Powers?

DangerRoom: Video: Navy Fires Off Its New, Weaponized Railgun

Gizmodo: That truck that exploded last night was invented by Roger Penske, a racing mogul born in Shaker Heights.

Report on Milwaukee school vouchers

Crim Law: In cartoons

StLToday: Billikens’ final home game will have high drama

SLU Billikens vs. Xavier “White Out” t-shirt time lapse

NYTimes: In the future, everybody will pay $200 more for a car to prevent roughly 100 deaths per year (This is the Virgina Graeme Baker Pool Spa and Safety Act all over again. Totally inappropriate regulatory action. On the plus side, maybe we’ll get more videos like these?)

NakedDC: I did not have this much sex is law school.

Because based on the amount these Georgetown Law students say they’re spending on birth control – a number that is, presumably supposed to make me feel sorry for them because they are unable to acquire their birth control for free – they can’t possibly have any hope of passing any class, or taking on any career.

Reason: Do Dolphins and Whales Have Rights?

HuffPo: Confessions Of An Airport Shuttle Van Driver

NFL Logo Progression

Check out one shares, a simple and easy way to share information with other people that self-destructs after viewing.

RollCall: Claire McCaskill’s Mountain: A Tough Climb to Victory

Politico: Congress 2012: The 5 ugliest member vs. member battles

GGW: Liquor laws, lacking nightlife hurt Silver Spring bars [Maryland with stupid laws? Say it ain’t so!]

GGW: The purple line is already experiencing some troubles

Josh Mandel Stops By WTVG Studios To Discuss Keeping Jobs In Ohio

Gawker: A Comprehensive Guide to the Illuminati, the Conspiracy Theory That Connects Jay-Z and Queen Elizabeth

Businessweek: Fastenal’s Runaway Stock Success (imagine if you bought their stock in 1987)

Businessweek: Mitt Romney’s Box of Kryptonite

Lifehacker: How You’re Breaking the Law Every Day (and What You Can Do About It)

HumanEvents: Strongest case against Romney a few sheets short of a ream

Rolled up magazine self defense

What a cool camera

Kyl: Time to put the doctor limits to rest – for good

PhxNewTimes: Wil Cardon, Wealthy Candidate for U.S. Senate, Presses On Despite Bleak Poll Numbers

Cleveland Scene: Media Hunts for School Shooting Info, Interviews on Twitter to Mixed Results (some links nsfw)