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Too Soon?

Tonight on twitter, I saw former MO Senator Jeff Smith comment that Josh Mandel of Ohio “is about as likely to be a Senator as Wendy Long [NY].”

Only when I expanded his quote did I see that he was answering a question with some snark, rather than pontificating independently.

Wendy Long is a candidate that has little/no chance of beating Kirsten Gillibrand. Josh Mandel, however, has a much better shot of unseating Sherrod Brown in Ohio. Smith’s comments are either uninformed or absurd.

A cursory review:

Wendy Long is down 37 points in a recent poll and has $96,411 in the bank. Kirsten Gillibrand has $10.5 million in the bank.

Josh Mandel is down 4 points in a July 18 Rasmussen poll. Huffington Post notes “Brown has raised $15.3 million to date, compared to Mandel’s $9.9 million. He also has about $6.5 million on hand, compared to Mandel’s $4.9 million.” Mandel recently claimed, and Politifact found “Mostly True,” that Sherrod Brown’s approval ratings have plummeted.

So, for Jeff Smith to say that Mandel is about as likely to be a Senator as Wendy Long is asinine. This from a guy who has a PhD in political science. My snarky reply is below. It’s snarky because Smith was sentenced to jail for a year and a day for obstruction of justice.

Too soon?

I’ll have you know that I was considering saying “You’d know about unrealistic bids first hand, you thought you could be a Congressman.” But that would give him too much credit. He was wrong about his chances and wrong about Mandel’s.

But what do I know? 

Update: John Celock notes in HuffPo that OHSEN has seen some of the highest independent expenditures of any Senate race, a sign that it is competitive.

Update #2: Jeff responds. I guess my comments hit too close to home. His switch to “wanna bet” is a nice way of avoiding the fact that the numbers don’t confirm his prediction that the likelihood of Mandel winning is “about as likely” as Wendy Long. Smoke and mirrors. Did Jeff study statistics?

My response:

Update #3: The snark-fest has subsided and Mr. Smith and I have agreed to a gentleman’s bet of a beer at Humphrey’s.

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Atlantic: Is Josh Mandel the Next Marco Rubio?

 Mandel, who is Jewish, has the air of a precocious, recently bar mitzvahed student, or perhaps a studious, slightly cocky frat boy. (As an undergraduate at Ohio State, Mandel was a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi, the Jewish fraternity; he went on to earn a law degree from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.) And while he is undeniably skilled at rattling off his familiar lines, he quickly turns evasive or just blank on unfamiliar ground.

I disagree with Molly Ball’s description of Josh here. For full disclosure, I know Josh. He is a great person and will make a great U.S. Senator from Ohio. I’ve never known him to be cocky or evasive. And who would blame anyone for being “blank” on unfamiliar ground? Smart people don’t make dumb statements about topics on which they are not experts. It’s an interesting article, but you can tell Molly doesn’t like Mandel, and it shows. I’m confident that Mandel will make his case to the voters in November, and they’ll choose him over Sherrod Brown.

One commenter, presumably a Democrat (who identifies as a Marine, the branch of service of Josh Mandel) hits the nail on the head:

I’m of a different political persuasion than Mr. Mandel, but good grief Molly Ball, this article is dripping with disdain, down to the Mandel’s waitress with ” bad skin and dyed-black hair.”

Why drag poor Amanda into your hit piece???

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HOW I VOTED: I voted for Mitt Romney. I voted at about 9:45 and I was voter #5. In Virginia, only two names were on the ballot — Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. Santorum and Gingrich were too disorganized to make the ballot. I like a lot of what Ron Paul has to say (except on most of his foreign policy views and the Gold standard) but I couldn’t vote for him.

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Because based on the amount these Georgetown Law students say they’re spending on birth control – a number that is, presumably supposed to make me feel sorry for them because they are unable to acquire their birth control for free – they can’t possibly have any hope of passing any class, or taking on any career.

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