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How to Ruin Your Sunday

Watch this amazing, terrifying, graphic old BBC film called The War Game (1965) about how Britain might respond to nuclear war.

This line stuck out as I watched it:

“Within the next 15 years, possibly another 12 countries will have acquired thermonuclear weapons. For this reason, if not through accident or the impulses of man himself, it is now more than possible that what you have seen happen in this film will have taken place before the year 1980.”

Of course, that did not occur.

While we’re on the topic, Iran’s pretty close to a bomb… and has been for some time. The horrors of one bomb won’t be as bad as global thermonuclear war — but it would be really bad. It could lead to further use of nuclear weapons, going down the road to… yes. Turtles all the way down to global thermonuclear war. Or a small version of it.

Would the survivors envy the dead? Probably.

Buy Local’s Intellectual Supreme Leader

I was reading with interest the other day in Bloomberg Businessweek about a prominent politician who favors the flawed (but hip!) fad of “buy local” — whereby people pretend they are living in the middle ages and just buy things from local producers.

This politician believes so much in the cause, and that buying local will improve the economy. A claim which is false.

This leader went so far to say “You must seek [locally]-made products…It’s in your hands, the hands of the people. When you consume, consume indigenously.”

This Businessweek article noted that a judge fined a smuggler $765 not so much for smuggling, but rather because this individual spurred this politician’s “directive on favoring local products over imported ones,” even going so far as to say: “Are you looking to annihilate [country’s] companies?”

Who is this brilliant, patriotic leader who knows so much about economics and world trade? Can’t we get this guy to join the ranks of Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman for great economic thinking? Shouldn’t our politicians be more like him? Can’t we get him a Nobel prize?

Well, despite the fact that this politician’s views would be popular among many on the American left, it seems he’s not so popular on the world stage.

Why? Because he is Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei of Iran.

Despite Iran’s horrible record on pretty much everything, we shouldn’t forget that Ayatollah Khamenei is a leading intellectual force behind the “Buy Local” movement. Who, among other politicians at his level, believes so strongly in the cause?

Don’t forget, dear readers, you should “Buy Local” because Ayatollah Khamenei can tell you that this policy works.