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Fight on WMATA [with .gif!]

Saw this on reddit, figured I would share. A recent fight on the Green Line.

Here is a .gif of the girls whose phones were allegedly stolen going after the suspected perp, and they went for the pants. Smart move.

Here’s the story from MYFOXDC.

Shocking video obtained by FOX 5 shows a wild, chaotic brawl on a Green Line Metro train that spilled over onto the platform at the Fort Totten station.

It was ostensibly shot by a member of the self-proclaimed “44th Street Crew” from Southeast D.C.

In the video, a coed group intimidates several young women passengers and allegedly takes two of their iPhones. It happened last Friday night after 11 p.m.

Metro Transit Police Deputy Chief Ron Pavlik says his officers responded minutes after being notified by the Fort Totten station manager. He says four officers were already at the station overseeing a bus shuttle operation because of the weekend track work.

Pavlik says two juveniles were arrested. More arrests are expected and the investigation is ongoing

While not probably something I’d encourage all people to do, fighting back can sometimes get results.