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Friday Funday Links

Cat on T-Coast Roof

SunGazette: Critics of Higher County Tax Rates Appear to Have Thrown in the Towel (More stuff for everyone!)

ARLNOW: Police to Hold ‘Active Shooter’ Training Exercise at Mall

CafeHayek: What Do these Panel Data Reveal?

AdAge: Why ‘The Hunger Games’ Won’t Make $100 Million Its Opening Weekend

Reason: Boston Review Gets Serious About Tackling Income Inequality

Wonkette: And The Most Nepotistic Member of Congress Award Goes To…

Roll Call: Dennis Kucinich to Visit Washington State … Again

BuzzFeed: The Onion will stop distribution in DC and Philly after business falls short #HotlineSort

Onion ends distribution in DC

Reason: How is Geraldo still on television? | No girls allowed

Doc Lawrence: Back to the olden days

ClotureClub: Sarah’s Top 10 Interview Tips

Chick-Fil-A Food Truck: Yes Please.

Upcoming movie premiere that my friend’s dad wrote — check it out!


What office birthday parties are really like

Heaton: The Fifties Weren’t The Pinnacle of Mankind

Red Meat makes you happy

Cleveland.com: Wendy’s changes treatment of chicken and pigs

What is a Billiken?

Cleveland Scene: Historic Bridgeview Cafe to Re-Open After Decades of Darkness

Gizmodo: Booze Legends: Debunking the Myths Every Drinker Believes

Super Tuesday Links

Metro car

Atlantic: Is Josh Mandel the Next Marco Rubio?

 Mandel, who is Jewish, has the air of a precocious, recently bar mitzvahed student, or perhaps a studious, slightly cocky frat boy. (As an undergraduate at Ohio State, Mandel was a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi, the Jewish fraternity; he went on to earn a law degree from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.) And while he is undeniably skilled at rattling off his familiar lines, he quickly turns evasive or just blank on unfamiliar ground.

I disagree with Molly Ball’s description of Josh here. For full disclosure, I know Josh. He is a great person and will make a great U.S. Senator from Ohio. I’ve never known him to be cocky or evasive. And who would blame anyone for being “blank” on unfamiliar ground? Smart people don’t make dumb statements about topics on which they are not experts. It’s an interesting article, but you can tell Molly doesn’t like Mandel, and it shows. I’m confident that Mandel will make his case to the voters in November, and they’ll choose him over Sherrod Brown.

One commenter, presumably a Democrat (who identifies as a Marine, the branch of service of Josh Mandel) hits the nail on the head:

I’m of a different political persuasion than Mr. Mandel, but good grief Molly Ball, this article is dripping with disdain, down to the Mandel’s waitress with ” bad skin and dyed-black hair.”

Why drag poor Amanda into your hit piece???

Report to Mr. Fallows’ office immediately…

WaPo: Obama shifts location of G-8 summit from hometown of Chicago to his Camp David retreat (whoever thought putting the G-8 in any place other than Camp David is stupid and should be fired. Come on, really?)

Reason: Arlington County Housing Division Hosts “Housing 4 Hipsters” Happy Hour to Help Hipsters Find Housing Assistance (the same brilliant minds that brought you free bike helmets)

ARLNOW: Housing 4 Hipsters

ARLNOW: Bicycle Derby to Take Over Crystal City Parking Garage (Too bad the derby is not like roller derby)

Reason: Maryland Handgun Permit Restrictions Found Unconstitutional by Federal Judge

Why do people hate billboards? (esp. in DC)

Reason: It’s Like Totally Different When a Liberal Blowhard Guy Calls a Conservative Woman a Twat!

RFT: Anheuser-Busch Test Markets Margarita-Flavored Beer

Ivers: Maldives

InTrade: Romney’s chances of winning Ohio

Cleveland.com: Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita says he’s ‘paid out a lot of money for big plays,’ but never to hurt a player: report

MR: Does inequality lead to a financial crisis?

Quitting as a Rush Limbaugh sponsor has really helped Carbonite

io9: The 1935 plan to use rocket airplanes to deliver US mail

KMW: You’re Fat and You Know It: Why Government Anti-Obesity Efforts Fail

The only ways the Cubs will ever win the series (they could make one about the Browns’ Superbowl hopes)

Get your business online

NDC: That’s okay. Rick Santorum ran out of money in 2006, too.

Marcy Kaptur’s hit on Dennis Kucinich

NR: In California, Whom Will They Blame?

Seems my poll workers have a sense of humor

HOW I VOTED: I voted for Mitt Romney. I voted at about 9:45 and I was voter #5. In Virginia, only two names were on the ballot — Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. Santorum and Gingrich were too disorganized to make the ballot. I like a lot of what Ron Paul has to say (except on most of his foreign policy views and the Gold standard) but I couldn’t vote for him.

Wonkette back-alley trash operative “Jim S.”

MR: Democracy, wealth, and local stimulus spending


How do I get one of these?

STLBiz: SLU delays law school move until 2013

Cleveland.com: Cleveland faces complaint over stadium repair contract

WSJ: Reagan Was A Sure Loser Too

Wired: Uncle Sam: If It Ends in .Com, It’s .Seizable

Watched this last night on Netflix. Great movie.


DCist: Bloodthirsty Aliens, Cannibalism, Ants Nesting in Brains: Elementary School Teacher Fired for Assigning Seriously F’ed Up Math Homework

Dollar Shave Club has funny ads (h/t metz)


Huffpo: Warren Buffett Company: Please Cut Our Taxes

WSJ: State-Owned Oil Companies vs. the Free Market

He does love saying “Congratulations” and who let the dogs out? (Secret Browns fan, perhaps?)

Bracketology: A History of Power Conference Bias

Pictures of people scanning QR codes

Lulzsec taking down by feds

WASHU apparently hates cats (animal testing is fine by me)

Introducing Google Play for developers (Android Developers Blog)

Introducing Google Play for consumers (Official Google Blog)

WaPo: EXIT POLLS: Economy is top issue again, and voters want business experience more than government

Thursday Links

The boat

This car is smiling at me

The Payroll Tax Cut debate reminds me of a Lewis Black Joke: Nobody got a $300 check, and looked at it and went “Son-of-a-bitch. Free at last!”

MR: Not from Atlas Shrugged

Boudreaux: On Will, the USSC, and Rent Control

Sallie James: Trade with China | Shut down the Ex-Im Bank

Goldberg: Free Healthcare? That’s Rich

Economist: Over-Regulated America

(Somewhat) Daily Krugman rebuttal 

Crews: How to Swap the Obama Budget for an Optimistic Economic Growth Agenda

Happy Birthday, LeVar Burton

WaPo: Do we really need another Kennedy in Washington?

Above the Law: Possible Criminal Charges for a Georgetown Criminal Law Professor

All of those horrible “think I do memes” in one place

Noahpinion: How I survived the Economics Job Market

Roll Call: The Boy Mayor’s Last Stand <- Boy Mayor = Kucinich

Atlantic Wire: Pinterest’s money making plans