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Bomblecast 21: Soda Ban Overturned

It makes me cringe to call it soda. It’s pop where I come from, but around here they call it soda. Anyways, the NYC ban was overturned and Andrew Heaton and I discuss it here. (You can stream it below.)


Bomblecast #20 — The Minimum Wage


In this podcast, we talk about the minimum wage and President Obama’s proposal to raise it $9 an hour.

Here’s Episode #20:

Bomblecast #19 — Notre Dame & ‘Bama, the BCS, and the NHL


In this podcast, we reference Sonny Bunch’s blog and his piece at The Weekly Standard from 2006. Hondo’s piece about the national championship game will appear on ClotureClub.com in the coming days.

Here’s Episode #19:

Bomblecast #18

Thanks for dropping by for episode 18 of the bomblecast. If you like reddit and we’re not reddit friends, make sure you add me. I’m still figuring out this whole reddit thing, so shoot me a message with your user name and I’ll add you back.

Links from today’s episode:

Here’s episode 18 of the Bomblecast:

Bomblecast #17 — Canadian Bacon

Friends: This week, join me & Andrew Heaton on the Bomblecast to discuss Canada, economic freedom, and advances in technology.

Bomblecast #16 — NIMBYism, Cleveland, and McDonald’s

Friends, no guest this week — but I did add some great production value for you all.

So grab your blankets, your egg nogg, and pull up a chair for episode #16 of the Bomblecast.

Bomblecast #15 — Red Dawn, Hurricane Sandy & Government Intervention

This week, my former roommate Andrew Heaton joins me to discuss Red Dawn and the response of New York and New Jersey to Hurricane Sandy’s effect on scarce resources, namely gasoline.

 EPISODE 15 (right click and save as to download)


Bomblecast #14 — Ignatius Football & Alaska State Troopers

Hello friends.

This evening, fellow Ignatius graduate Drew Daar joins me to discuss the St. Ignatius/Mentor game, the Office, and Alaska State Troopers.

 EPISODE 14 (right click and save as to download)


Bomblecast #13 — Lame Ducks

Friends, after an eight-year hiatus, my podcasts are back. Why eight years? Why not. Anyways, hipsters have brought back mix tapes, skinny jeans, 1980’s glasses and podcasts. So, I figured I’d rejoin the fray and bring you back my podcast.

Because you didn’t ask. Anyways, if it takes off, I’ll do this more often and get a feed on iTunes and such. In the mean time, I’ll just give you this mp3.

EPISODE 13 (right click and save as to download)

Links from this week’s episode

http://www.theuselessweb.com/ (Or, how to waste your time)

POLITICO: Bill sustains fight against human-rights abuses

CBS Saint Louis: Mark Twain Coin In The Works