Stock Photo Isn’t of First Family

g73840Mediaite reported yesterday that a photo in Herbalife’s 2004 Form S-1 bears a striking resemblance to the First Family. The find was first reported on the Bronte Capital blog and it sparked a conspiracy in some parts of the web about whether the President was a shill for had ties to Herbalife.

The photograph, while it indeed depicts a father who looks quite similar to President Obama, is a stock photo available on Getty Images. And, according to Steve Mason, the photographer who took the photo, it is not a photo of the First Family:

“This was taken long before we ever conceived of African American president (1991). Any depiction of the first family was purely coincidence.”

Put down the pitchforks, conspiracy theorists — the conspiracy that the President is part of some secret group that started Herbalife for the purpose of world domination just isn’t true.bsig

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