Step back, doors closing

Tonight, I barely made my yellow line southbound. It wasn’t for lack of time from red to yellow, but the doors shut on me. They went from completely open to completely closed in about 10 seconds. A fluke? Sure. But this happened at Pentagon. Pentagon City. Crystal City. People could barely make it in the train. So I timed one by hand at Reagan Airport. Same thing. About 10 seconds.

To the ire of Ben Brockschmidt, I whipped out my flip cam and recorded. Here’s the video. What do you think? Did the doors shut too soon? Keep mind the time was consistent at every stop I rode it on.

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2 Thoughts on “Step back, doors closing

  1. If there were more people it would have been too fast, but there was no one coming in or out for a couple seconds, so why leave the doors open? Door times should be determined by number of people trying to get in or out, not by a certain number of seconds.

  2. That’s true. If you judge solely by the video, nothing is wrong. But my point was when tons of people were getting on and off, the doors open and shut at the exact same intervals. And that’s what was wrong. Judge it on a case by case basis.

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