Spam of the week, a series

I’ve decided that I am going to periodically post nonsensical spam that I receive in my gmail or bomble email account for you all to see. Come on, most of you have taken the time now and again to see the funny failures in English from spam, right? Let’s take a trip into my spam box.

(click to expand the picture.)

hilarious spam

Ok, let’s see.


Well, my personal life is  none of your business. Thanks for asking. Let’s assume that another recipient on the list says, “why yes, I do feel bored.” Let’s go to the message, shall we?

Message content: “Female dogs are more liable to urinary incontinence than male dogs.”

What an interesting fact you share! I should obviously click your link your see what you want to show me because there is an obvious connection between attention during love making and dog incontinence. Seriously, WTF.

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