SOPA Flip-Flop Souffle

First and foremost, I oppose the SOPA bill that everybody is ruining your newsfeed over. And if you seriously think that the SOPA pollution on your newsfeed is annoying, consider that my newsfeed looks like that and has for nearly 5 years.

If you want to learn more about the bill from an objective source, read this Congressional Research Service report. There are a lot of inaccuracies and, well, blown up ideas about what this bill would/wouldn’t do. I haven’t made follow-up comments to posts on my facebook wall (thank you for those, seriously) because I don’t want to say “so and so you’re wrong about that, but I still agree with you that the bill is bad” and take it down that road of a ton of responses.

I think the bill is bad and shouldn’t be passed. I also think intellectual property rights are important. Some of my more libertarian leaning friends have suggested we abandon intellectual property protections, which is a separate debate I’ll address another time. (I disagree with this.)

But one thing that really bothers me is the blatant hypocrisy of some of my left-leaning friends on the interwebs. Two years ago they were railing on the Citizens United decision regarding the role of corporations and unions in funding election communications. Basically, without calling certain people out or quoting them (which does the same thing), my friends straight out said that corporations don’t have the same free speech rights as persons.

Yet today, here they are fawning like children over how their favorite website (usually a corporation of some sort) is speaking out on the bill and why it is bad. Two years earlier, they didn’t think that unions and corporations had the right to fund independent expenditures. Imagine if this became a big to-do in the Presidential election, how would those folks feel about their favorite companies individually or collectively funding ads that expose bad things about SOPA and tell voters what candidates have said/done on the issue? Is that such a bad thing? No.

So, to summarize why I find that ironic, I made a little cartoon for you. (Click to expand)

For more on this, check out Volokh.


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