Some Brief Thoughts on the Redskins Loss

  • This wasn’t a failure of defense so much it was a failure on offense. The Redskins more or less give up about 20 points a game, they gave up 24 last night, all of them unanswered for three consecutive quarters. That is an offensive problem, not a defensive problem.
  • The Redskins need somebody who can snap. RG III’s leg injury was because of a bad snap. Which turned into a fumble. Which meant points. Kirk Cousins didn’t perform terribly given the circumstances, but he, too, was given a terrible snap that cost precious yards.
  • This Dr. Andrews character sounds like he really covered his ass before tonight’s game. And no, I don’t believe the people who claim Dr. Andrews got under RG III’s skin and caused him to perform poorly. His 1Q performance was just fine, it was just the rest of the game where he sucked.
  • Maybe losing to the Browns in the second to last week might have kept RG III’s leg healthy for next year?
  • The “should RG III have played” debate will be annoying and last pretty much all off-season.

Until next year.

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