Snow shovel, where art thou?

As the snowpocalypse rears closer to the D.C. metro region, everyone is panicking. Rightly so. In Cleveland, this wouldn’t be a huge deal, but here, people are going absolutely nuts. Anyways, given the problems with shovel access last time both in stores and with our condo association, I tried unsuccessfully last night to get a shovel. That effort failed.

So, tonight after work, I walked straight to my car determined to find a shovel. I left realizing my prospects were slim, but I went along anyway. I drove south on Route 1 from 495, where I live.

I stopped at Target, Lowe’s, Giant, Rite Aid, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, (repeat a few) and finally Big Lots ….. nearly past Woodbridge. After a 20 mile trip, no such luck. So, I did what any reasonable individual did, I bought the biggest Jim Beam they sell (with a $7 mail in rebate!).

Good luck to those not too familiar with snow. Don’t forget to check out the original snowpocalypse site. I’ll update with pictures here and on twitter.

(click to expand to see my route)

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