SLU’s Greatest Legal Minds

Funny SLU Law Journal Article

H/T to Brett Blyholder for sharing.

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One Thought on “SLU’s Greatest Legal Minds

  1. oh no mr. bill on July 12, 2012 at 11:47 am said:

    i liked this until factual inaccuracies were found in his analysis about the scott v. harris case. “sending his car spinning off the road and intoa tree, killing him” is false. the car did go off the road and actually flipped and ran into i believe a telephone pole, but the driver of the cadillac did not die but is a quadriplegic now, which led to the the lawsuit to begin with. so, i have lost all interest in the article as entertainment or informative since it’s, well, wrong. boo slu law journal, boo.

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