Shoppers, you leaving me?

Recently, I became a bit worried about our local Penn Daw Shoppers store. I am afraid they are closing, and anybody who knows me knows that I love Shoppers.

Now, it wouldn’t be the absolute end of the world if this Shoppers closed, but I would nonetheless be sad because it’s the closest location. Betsy and I have even taken to calling it “Ghetto Shoppers” with a term of endearment that was based on “Ghetto Schnucks” on Lindell Avenue in St. Louis.

Anyways, this store isn’t as well kept as other Shoppers stores, which are typically in great condition. It’s a “Warehouse” store — which means that the prices are allegedly already cheaper (and their prices are cheap) and doesn’t really look much like a warehouse, but that is OK. But it’s older looking, and we like calling it “Ghetto Shoppers.” It fits, and we love it.

Here’s why I am worried it is closing.

  • M&T Bank moved out. Maybe they know what’s coming and got out as early as they could.
  • The aisles were less stocked, and some have been outright moved around.
  • Wal-Mart is slated to open virtually across the street in the coming months.

Now, I also love Wal-Mart, but unless it’s a “Super Wal-Mart”, their grocery stores have spotty selection, poor shelving, and generally just are run of the mill. Shoppers is 100x better even on its worst day. But, Wal-Mart is a formidable foe.

Maybe they’re getting new management, or maybe they’re getting a make over like Target on Route 1 (south of the Beltway) got, likely, because of the impending competition.

Competition is a good thing, and it helps consumers. If it puts this Shoppers out of business, I’ll understand and go to the locations near my girlfriend and in Hybla Valley, but I am confident Shoppers will endure as a low-cost leader.

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