Rules for Navigating the Capitol

FamousDC has their awesome rules for tourists. Similarly, I’ve come up with some rules for navigating the Capitol.

The Congressional office buildings can be a confusing place, even for people who have worked there for years. Rayburn in particular is a maze. However, it can get aggravating trying to go to your next meeting, to lunch, or back to your office on busy days when people throw common sense aside.

The bicycle lobbyists are on the hill today, and they navigate the halls like they do the roads: erratically and without concern for others. Physically running into three of them today inspired this post.

My rules:

  1. Treat your body like you’re driving a car, and things will be OK. Walk on the right side of the road.
  2. Don’t turn around constantly to talk to people in your group, only talk to the person next to you.
  3. If you get lost, pull over and off the road. Do not congregate in the middle of the hallway.
  4. Don’t cut corners the wrong way. Going against the grain just makes for awkward run-ins (literally) with strangers, police officers, or Members of Congress. Turn the right way.
  5. Don’t block doorways.
  6. Leave space on elevators, since elevator space is scarce. Don’t be a hog.
  7. Similarly, don’t ride Member-Only or Staff-Only elevators if you’re neither.
  8. On escalators, stand right walk left — unless the elevator is a single lane. Then you always walk.

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