“You attract more flies with honey than salt” is what my Grandma used to say to me as a child. She knew me well.

Calmer than you are

“Calmer than you are.”

An update on the auto situation: I got my refund, but at a price. I got a stern talking to from the business owner and was asked never to return. He didn’t think my approach was gentlemanly. So, as a man of my word, I have removed the post about the whole incident and will not file any complaints about the matter. Further, I won’t reveal the name of the business, since a refund is all I sought and what’s fair is fair.

After the owner left the office, I spoke with the office manager. I apologized for how things ended up the way they did. He mentioned that the old person left, and their website and email was working sporadically. Which, as an IT guy, I understand. However, it’s not really an excuse to have non-working web contact forms. He further opined that 99% of auto shops don’t really use web and email, which I definitely believe. But, if that’s the case, don’t offer email and web forms if you’re not prepared to use it fully.

If the owner/employees of that company happen to come back to my blog, I thank you for refund. It’s all I wanted. I didn’t want to write a complaint email with the caveat that if I don’t hear back, I complain to the powers that be. I didn’t want to argue or haggle, I just wanted a refund and not be ignored. As a consumer, however, that’s my right to complain, or threaten to do so. Which is what I did.

I learned something in the process. Just because some company has a website and a contact form doesn’t mean they utilize it. Maybe not the best model to be sure, but, something to be aware of in the future.

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