Ray’s Hell Burger


Last night, Clark, Justin Law and I went to Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington. You may have heard of the place because President Obama went there and ordered Dijon Mustard on his burger. I can vouch that they do, in fact, have dijon.

Ray’s does not take credit cards, only cash. To their credit, they provide a fee-free ATM in back so you can pay for your order in cash. I ordered a medium well cheese burger with apple-smoked bacon. It came with a free slice of watermelon and I ordered their 7 cheese macaroni on the side with two servings of cheer wine. I’d never had cheer wine and my friend Bobby Metzinger is slightly obsessed with it, which is why I ordered two.

My burger was huge, and cooked correctly. In the end, it was slightly above average. I’ve had better burgers before, but this one fared somewhere above the middle of burgers I’ve had in my life. The cheer wine was delicious, but I can’t see myself becoming a big buyer — I think it only comes in glass bottles, which are expensive. UPDATE: North Carolinian co-worker Brian claims it comes in cans and two liters. If I find those, I’ll buy them.

The 7 cheese macaroni was amazing, and I highly recommend it.

Parking was horrible, location was good, and the room was amazingly small. Apparently, they closed down Ray’s steaks to move it. Not sure why.

I give it 3 bombles.

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