Quick, does anybody have two of the exact same fan?

I saw this video and was enamored. I only took one physics class at SLU, and there wasn’t much of an aerospace component to it. I needed to know if it was possible. So, Bomble.com reached out to its network of aerospace engineers and aviators, one of which confirmed the possibility that this video is real:

now technically yes this is possible. very difficult, due to the turbulance of the air going over the air craft. i assume the right fan is pushing air from the right to left and the left one is sucking the air in. Pretty cool stuff, I’ll have to pass that around the office.

Another Bomble.com reader and engineer, disagrees:

Nope, this is fake. The stability issues alone, not to mention that a good chunk of this video has the airplane at negative angle-of-attack, would doom this from the start. Add in that the “pushing” air fan would add a rotational flow element given it’s close proximity to the airplane makes me think that someone is a great video editor.

So, who around here has two of the exact same fan? I presume they have to be the same fan to ensure that the airflow and airspeed are the same. Being outside makes things harder, so the experiment would have to take place indoors.

And now some tunes for your morning consumption:

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