Professional commenter demands payment, understanding of economics

Sorry, but this screen grab is too hard not to blog about. Where do I start?

Writing is a job. It is finally time the 6,000-plus bloggers (freelance­) writers who feed HPost to get paid for their services.

Yes, Rudy, writing is a job — for writers. You know, people who interview for jobs and contractually agree to write for money. Freelancers, or better known as “the unemployed” or “people with opinions” willingly agree to post stuff on the internet knowing they’re not getting paid. I don’t know who taught you what about economics, but “finally” suggests you feel your work has been deserving of compensation for some time. Wrong.

It is time to rebel, Egypt style. Don’t file your blogs unless there is at least a token reward, a minimum $20 for well thought copy of 60 words or less, and much more for in-depth pieces.

Rudy, if you’re going to go all Atlas Shrugged on us, at least you could have done it on a site other than Huffington Post. Do you honestly think that liberal blowhard blog commenters are going to rebel against the only site with significant traffic that gives their views free publicity? Second, I know you’re from Canada, but $20 for 60 words? That’s $.33 a word. Even adjusted for currency differentiations, your demands are hilarious. I’ve written about 230 words so far, and you think I am going to get $75 for this blog post? Ha.

The 1990s are calling, they want their inflated demands for pay-per-click advertising back.

Third, do you think you can really compare 6,000 left leaning bloggers to Egypt’s protests? If so, I seriously doubt your political acumen. 6,000 people isn’t even a good turnout for a protest about, well, anything, in San Francisco on the only day they get bad weather in any given year.

Rebel. Bloggers are being taken advantage of on Huffington Post and on other so-called news sites which depend on free labor. Demand payment. Rebel.

Yes! Good old fashioned class warfare. Huffington Post has been purchased by some largely irrelevant mega-corporation that probably would have gone bankrupt had it not become part of Time Warner. Clearly, these big corporate fat cats owe you something for speaking your mind.

Let’s delve further. AOL bought HuffPo for $315 million. Divided by 6,000 commenters, that’s about $52,500 per person. At $20 per “well thought” 60 word copy, that means you have the rest of your life to post, ehh, roughly 2,625 posts around 60 words to earn $52,500. So, one comment per day for the next 7 years and you’re golden.

Or, you can take your demands elsewhere. If that doesn’t work out, maybe you and the rest of the commenters can form the Huffington Post Commenters International Guild and seek arbitration with the Department of Labor.

And, if these comments, and these comments are yours, I don’t think they’re worth a dime.  But Rudy, if you somehow come across this post, please send me your address. I’d be glad to send you a book or two about politics and economics. It’s clear to me you don’t know much about either.


Jim Swift

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