Privatize the West Side Market

West Side Market, Cleveland

To the Editor:

Leslie Firestone wrote in your 7/17/12 Letters that “If they keep charging [for parking] … people are going to stop coming [to the West Side Market]” and “There are so many farmers’ markets around now, with free parking…” While Leslie and I disagree about paid parking — I think it’s perfectly normal to use price to allocate a scarce resource — we do agree that there are a lot of alternatives.

Should the City of Cleveland be in the business of running farmers markets when, as Leslie points out, there are so many alternatives? One West Side Market vendor told Reason Magazine’s Nick Gillespie: “They’re letting the place fall apart.” Another, when asked if she was satisfied with the city as a landlord, replied “no.” Drew Carey and Gillespie made a wide variety of helpful suggestions for a beleaguered Cleveland. One of which was privatizing the West Side Market.

This Ignatius grad loves the West Side Market, but 100 years of city ownership should come to an end. As should Cleveland taxpayers’ foolish subsidy of my golf habit at Highland Park. Cleveland has more important things to do, like worry about retaining jobs and residents, having recently lost more people than any other top 40 metropolitan statistical area in the country.

Can Reason save Cleveland?

Jim Swift

Shaker Heights, OH / Alexandria, VA

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One Thought on “Privatize the West Side Market

  1. oh no mr. bill on July 17, 2012 at 10:55 am said:

    we should privatize a lot of things. you know, like social security…

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