President’s Day Links

"I won’t have to work on puttin’ gas in my car. I won’t have to work at payin’ my mortgage."

And you wonder why some of us want truly free trade. If foreigners subsidize the products they sell us, why should we complain? We’re getting a discount. Sure, China subsidizing X, Y, or Z hurts its citizens. But we respond by hurting ours back? This makes no sense.

Wisconsin lawmakers introduce CHEATS Act So, in response to alleged cheating, we respond by cheating back…. Wait, what?

Seattle Times: Obama sets up sweet bank deals to aid Boeing, other manufacturers

Free Busch radio on pandora

HotAir: The Left’s outrageous outrage at a proposal to require ultrasounds before abortion

NYTimes: Obama’s Tax Policy Targets Rising Sector of His Base: The Affluent

Hilariously untrue video about George Washington [nsfw]

DuckDuckGo goes after Google on privacy

DailySun: England’s Male Honeytrapper

Somewhat Daily Krugman rebuttal 

Cleveland Scene: Be Thankful You Don’t Answer the Phone at the Local News Stations [they need to analyze the calls Congress gets]

CNN does a feature on “Cash Mobs” in Cleveland [I’ll explain why these are stupid in a future blog post]

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