Post Election Observations

Greetings friends. Whether you’re reading this in your post-apocalyptic bunker hungover or celebrating the dear leader’s victory, I have some thoughts/questions to share with you on the election.

  • Do Liberals Still Think We Should End the Electoral College?
I’m not sure. A few days ago, I’d say it was pretty clear they were for abolishing it. Then there was a short period where they went “well………” and now it seems they’re OK with it.
  • Do Liberals Still Think Money Buys Elections?
Or does this election just not count for the record in the “corporate money is evil but union money is A. O.K.” crowd? Still, Bernie Sanders will be joined by Sherrod Brown calling for a Constitutional Amendment to get rid of Citizens United.
  • Libertarians did not cost us the election.
Sorry, but they didn’t. I see this Ron Paul meme around the internet saying “you should have be nicer to my supporters.” Fuck that. You sound like whiny Democrats when you say that. Grow a pair. The libertarian vote was split between Gary Johnson and people writing in Ron Paul. The only election I see it impacting was Montana Senate. And many of those voters, absent Johnson or Paul were liberals who would have voted for Obama. Not all were potential Republican votes. Some of you, my friends, have told me you’d never vote for Romney, so I don’t buy that argument. Quit whining.
  • Libertarians said they needed 5% of the vote to become a legitimate third party.

Oh, right. The Libertarian party is now going to accept public election money? You can tell me that with a straight face? Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of libertarian leanings, but the party is way too kooky for me to join. I’m going to focus my efforts on making Republicans better.

  • Republicans should be less supportive of cronyism & be a little more Libertarian
This isn’t a criticism of Mitt Romney, per se, but Republicans over the past four years. It’s clear that President Obama and the Democrats have been the big cronies. One need only look at how Dodd Frank was fashioned, Obamacare, Stimulus & its grants (Solyndra) to see that they are the party of cronies.

Yet, Republicans showed that they’re also a party of cronies — just different ones. Maybe instead of Republicans picking winners (like fossil fuels) over losers (renewables), they should say — and mean — that they support all of the above energy sources and say they want to reform the tax code by wiping it of distorting incentives. It’s the right thing to do, and it still means that we’d probably get a lot of energy from fossil fuels.

I think Republicans failed to show seriousness that they wanted pro-growth tax and economic policy reform during their two years of divided government.

What came out of the Ways and Means Committee? There was all of this talk, but that’s pretty much what we were left with. Talk of tax reform.

Of course, Republicans did find time to pass Eric Cantor’s stupid tax proposal.

Republicans still control the House. Maybe spend less time casting messaging votes and more time showing the country you have serious ideas instead of fucking around. Every committee should be as productive as Paul Ryan’s Budget Committee when it comes to ideas. No excuses.

  • Gay marriage ballot initiatives did not make a difference

Well, if you genuinely thought Republicans were going to take Maine, Maryland, Washington or Minnesota then yes they did. Nobody thought that.

  • Romney was the best we had.

But! But! But! No. No candidate that ran in the primaries would have been better than Romney. Not saying he’s the greatest, but if your favorite guy/gal didn’t want to run, then you can’t argue. Our field was too full of nobodies and it dragged on for far too long, which leads me to:

  • Primary voters need to be less dumb.

Connie Mack? Really, Florida? I have this theory that Florida is messed up electorally because it has too many retired Ohioans. Todd Akin? Great job, Missouri. Take a bow. Seriously, the fact that it took Mitt Romney that long to win shows that Republican primary voters are being dumb. Newt Gingrich? That guy had no chance. Herman Cain? What are you people thinking? I heard this morning that Romney spent more money on negative ads on Santorum than that guy actually raised in money. Don’t even get me started about Santorum supporters. My conclusion is Romney should have had this much earlier and he could have spent more time digging out of this android likability hole that everyone knows he was in.

  • Romney’s Campaign Made Some Big Blunders

They were 1000% better than McCain’s camp in 2008. But what happened? After the first debate is when the wheels came off. Romney did great and then it’s like he disappeared. Paul Ryan was a good choice, far better than Palin, but he wasn’t used to his full potential.

  • It’s fine to criticize Nate Silver, but don’t be dumb. Similarly, Nate Silver is not a god.
There’s a difference between legitimately criticizing the guy and his methods and being a poll denier. Sadly, too many Republicans were in the denier camp. Nate Silver got it right. So did a lot of other people. He is not a god.
  • The market went down on Wednesday because of tax uncertainty & other factors.
No, it’s the end of the world. The market went down because it anticipates lots of things in the next four years of Obama. One of them, importantly, is higher capital gains taxes. Obama already raised them for some in Obamacare, and he wants to raise them for everyone. Now is a logical time to sell when you know the capital gains rate is potentially 8.8% lower than Obama would like it.
  • Bullet and gun prices are going up due to high demand, not price gouging.
Oh, Reddit. Pro gun conservatives are accusing people of price gouging in the wake of the election. Wrong. Demand is up. This is basic economics. And yes, people are expecting Obama to go from mostly docile to hostile on guns. That plays a part too.
  • Taking a picture of your ballot may be dumb, but it won’t invalidate your vote.
A friend from SLU shared this conspiracy on facebook on election day. It may be against the law in some states to take a picture of your ballot, but states aren’t going to troll facebook and invalidate your vote. They can’t find your vote and invalidate in 99% of cases. And it’s not worth their time. There are better ways of telling your friends who you voted for.
  • “Vote like your life depends on this election — it does!” No, it doesn’t.
If Obamacare is repealed, you are not going to die because Obamacare was repealed. Similarly, you are not going to die if Obamcare remains the law of the land. If you die, it will be cancer or car that kills you.
  • They say “if you don’t vote, you can’t complain.” Who are they kidding? This is America, we always complain — and usually to the wrong level of government.
Let’s be honest, you’re going to complain about things regardless.
  • If you think PBS & NPR are important, you can pay for them with your own money.
I don’t understand you.
  •  Marion Barry is invincible.

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