Political Animals #4

This week’s episode — strangely — ranks low on the crazy factor.

As you know from last week, a Chinese spy sub has hit the bottom off the coast of California, 600 feet below the surface.

Sadly, TJ lived through his cocaine overdose. The Hammonds and Elaine immediately consider covering it up, which they claim they can’t do. Insert Susan Berg, who Elaine tells Doug to call.

They cover it up, which Berg isn’t buying, and Elaine trades a national security exclusive for. Berg loves this and goes on the trip. The Chinese are mad that the US is going to “help” and says their sailors will scuttle the ship, leaving radiation all over the place if we try to help.

Berg’s editor and former boyfriend accuses her of being in the Hammonds’ back pocket, rightly.

There are a bunch of flashbacks to a young Susan Berg wanting to be an op-ed writer and her struggle to become one. They don’t do much to add to the storyline.

Annie has a food eating disorder, bulimia. Grandma is hip to this.

President Hammond is sad he wasn’t there for TJ as President and waxes poetic about him as a child.

The President gives a speech threatening China.

Annie finds TJ’s stash and they pour it in the toilet, except for marijuana, which she and grandma smoke.

Berg and Doug eat and drink on the plane and get into a fight.

The Vice President is the former head of the CIA and after President Hammond learns he set up the vote that broke TJ’s heart, goes to the Oval Office. He punches the VP in the face.

Douglas is on the plane going to California with Berg, and they flirt and have sex on the plane.

Annie and grandma are now very high and grandma confronts her about her bulimia, which she denies.

Chinese sailors are saved.

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