Political Animals #2

In case you’re stumbling upon this post by chance, be sure to read my first review of one of the worst shows on television this season — Political Animals.

I wasn’t even sure I wanted to watch this next episode based on the absurdity of the first, but there’s something about Sunday night and stupid television. That, and the Olympics were no longer live, so I delved in.

I tweeted:

America’s worst show, #PoliticalAnimals is on

My friend responded:

Why don’t they just send a camera crew to follow the New York GOP for a month, it would probably be a lot cheaper.

E2 opens with some flashbacks to the 2008 campaign. It fast forwards to the present day where Susan Berg is in an editorial meeting with her former boss, the editor (played by Dan Futterman).

There was a lot of stupid dialogue this episode, but here’s the one scene that really hooked me in out of anger:

Georgia: I’d like to pitch something… I was shopping in Georgetown and noticed there are two bus systems servicing the the area… MetroBus and the Georgetown Circulator, which I believe is better maintained because only white people use them.”

Editor: “You don’t do investigative pieces, Georgia.”

Perhaps, just perhaps, the Circulator is a better bus option than MetroBus is because it’s a public-private partnership. That could be it.

At that same editorial meeting, Berg’s boss (who says nothing when Georgia storms off for getting her stupid pitch shut down) asks Berg if she can confirm anything to the effect of Elaine Barrish running. She says it’s “cocktail rumors.” Oh, and Georgia is banging the editor.

The next big part of the storyline is that Elaine and her law school mentor, portrayed by Vanessa Redgrave, is a gay SCOTUS justice whose partner is declining in health, presumably with Alzheimer’s. Redgrave taught both Barrish and President Hammond in law school and seems to be a pseudo-Sandra Day O’Connor.

Elaine schedules a family dinner with her mom and two sons, which President Hammond crashes. He invites himself into the campaign, and Elaine catches onto the fact that Dougie is funding TJ’s nightclub, which she leverages.

This week’s gratuitous sex results from Dougie’s fiancee, Annie, getting mad about the fact that Elaine is going to run again. But that’s not the only unnecessary sex in this week’s episode.

President Garcetti is hip to the notion that Elaine might challenge him in the primary, so he tries to push Redgrave off the bench and says he’ll nominate Barrish, to appeal to Redgrave’s ultra-leftisms.

One of the most unrealistic scenes from E2 is when President Hammond takes his two sons to the house of his former pollster, whom the writers insinuate has a bone to pick because Hammond screwed his wife. He pulls a double barrel shotgun on President Hammond, whose Secret Service agent neither kills nor arrests. This is Hollywood, so it’s OK, I guess.

Berg is getting pressure from her editor to put the story of her running out, against the competing timeline of a SCOTUS announcement. She goes to Barrish and bares all (not literally, not yet at least) and Barrish formulates her plan to defuse this ploy to subdue her primary challenge.

Rewind to the 2008 campaign, where TJ throws a party in a hotel and brings Annie. Doug is mad because Hammond is on the next day and could do an interview crucial to winning California. TJ has already given Annie some ecstasy.  Doug joins in the fun, proposes to Annie while on drugs, and sleeps in. He wakes up in time to see his dad blow the interview, something he blames him for years later — losing California.

During the party there is a gratuitous sex scene with TJ, a dude, and a girl. This show has to have at least 2 sex scenes each show, it seems.

After not getting arrested for pointing a loaded shotgun at a former President, Hammond’s old pollster is crunching the numbers while the Prez and they boys fish. Doug is so focused on work that he keeps on his blackberry, which TJ conveniently knocks into the water.

The show jumps back to Elaine talking with her mother, smoking a cigarette (for the kids!) Nana, who was initially skeptical of Elaine running again, encourages her to do so.

Back to the boys at the rural ranch, where the pollster thinks that Elaine has a chance, provided that President Hammond stays out of Ohio. The pollster tells Doug that President Hammond took a bullet for Elaine and let the media think he lost Calif., when she was going to anyways. Doug seems empowered.

Doug finds TJ getting high in the barn, and is angry.

They both return and Doug has a heated exchange with President Hammond:

President Hammond: “You don’t have any faith in people.”

Doug: “I don’t need to take character advice from you.”

Philandering, lying liberal President tells dipshit son that he doesn’t have faith in people. Son clearly has faith in people, just the wrong ones, having given sizable amounts of cash to druggie and floozy of a brother.

Accurate description of rich liberals in politics, I’d say. Great scene, though unintended. Let’s ensure these people come back to power and run the government as venture capitalists! Doug for Energy Secretary!

About 3/4 of the way through, HuffPo advertises again. This is their base.

Susan Berg goes back and has sex with her old editor boss, who clearly wants to get back together. She tells him “no” and stumbles upon a crying Georgia — a clear cut example of who you don’t want reporting news — and tells her “your bus story is good.” [Despite the fact that it is lunacy.] Georgia is so sad/sorry having ruined their “shit where you eat” tryst, and questions why she’d be so nice. “I’m not so nice, Georgia” she responds — having just banged the boss again.

Elaine meets with her old gay law professor turned SCOTUS justice, who recounts a time she put Elaine on moot court in her first year. This turns out to be a metaphor as to why she wants to run again. The justice announces with Barrish no intention to retire, paving the way for her to run again.

Elaine meets with Berg, thanking her — setting her up to be Press Secretary or something down the line, after breaking a huge story or something like that.

EXCEPT: Doug told Berg to put a bullet in his mom’s candidacy. Now that the numbers look better, he asks her not to do it. She twists his balls, saying that she’ll hold off if he he lets her in deeper, giving her the exclusive the day she announces. Doug seems to be cool with that.

Tune in next week, kiddos, to USA’s unrealistic “Political Animals” — the worst show on television.


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