Penn Daw Shoppers to close

As I worried in an earlier post, Shoppers in Penn Daw/Huntington is closing. I went there tonight and they were closed. They now close at 8 until they cycle down.

In that post, I said:

Competition is a good thing, and it helps consumers. If it puts this Shoppers out of business, I’ll understand and go to the locations near my girlfriend and in Hybla Valley, but I am confident Shoppers will endure as a low-cost leader.

Frankly, I’ve been impressed by this new Wal-Mart’s grocery selection. It is amazing. Now, Shoppers will remain my favorite grocery store, and with the Wegmans opening down the road later this year (they’re the best grocery store I’ve ever been to) it is understandable that this location might close. It makes me sad, but I know the other Shoppers locations have my favorite type of bratwursts: Cheddar.

But, I’ll make sure to stop by and say goodbye to my favorite grocery store one last time before it closes. Some people hate Wal-Mart for this reason, but I do not. If Wal-Mart didn’t offer people products at lower prices or have that good of a selection, their competition wouldn’t have put this Shoppers out of business. Turns out, they did. That’s the way the market works.

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  1. For full disclosure, I own stock in both companies.

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