Patrick Wessel | 1985 – 2010

Yesterday, one of my friends from college died. Patrick Wessel, above, will be missed by the world.

Patrick and I weren’t the best of friends, but he knew me and I him. Like me, he was eclectic, but Patrick was just pure unadulterated awesome. Anyone who met or knew him would agree. While I made enemies, Patrick made friends.  I can’t recall anyone ever saying anything bad about Patrick.

Patrick moved to New York City, and last year, he contacted me to inquire about cool places in D.C., which I felt was an honor, because Patrick is the guy who tells you about the place off the beaten path’s beaten path. And when you got there, Patrick knew the bartender, his wife, and the bouncer. Patrick mastered the art of living. My suggestions probably weren’t used, because I don’t go out in D.C. that much, but he followed up (see below).

Which is why it is so unfortunate that God took him. I searched back on the correspondence we had via email and facebook, and I thought the best message to share was last year, a follow up after his visit to D.C. The last line really hit hard, as he will never be able to move to D.C.

Subject: pres. scholars

if you’re interviewing one “Katie/Katherine Williams,” that’s my 17 year old triplet cousin from chicago. she’s awesome. white girl dresses like a straight up latina gangsta. we make fun of her all the time, it’s hilarious (though i doubt she will dress like that for the interview…). she’s really smart but might be a little shy at the interviews…then again, maybe not. she’s ridiculously creative and clever.

had a great time in dc when i went in january.  lauren ended up coming up with the date places…went to bar pilar one night, then breadsoda another night, and finally the national air and space museum (udvar-hazy center).  ’twas awesome.  i’m applying to navy officer candidate school right now, so i hope to be living in that general vicinity over the next +-20 years!



If you went to SLU and knew Patrick at all, search your email archives, your facebook message archives. Odds are, Patrick said something that now you’ll never forget, because I’m betting that he made a difference in your life.

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