Parts for my broken washer

So, my washer broke recently. It had been getting louder, and frankly, Betsy and I delayed the day of reckoning by not getting it serviced earlier. I found a nut in my washer and realized that it was time to call someone.

I went on google and picked the service guy in the area with the least amount of complaints. He came promptly that day and identified the problem. Turns out the nut snapped off inside the lock plate, so I need two new screws and a lock plate.

Monday comes around, and no word from this guy on when the parts are coming. So, I check with him. He says that he needs to check with GE, and he’d get back to me. An hour later, it turns out it will take two to three weeks to get this part shipped.

Call me crazy, but I have a hard time believing that General Electric doesn’t have these sitting around. I called Betsy, and got the model and serial number, and went to GE’s handy website to look up the model. I found the diagram and the parts, and they’ll be shipped to my door within two days for $49.95.

The moral of the story is that you might be able to do a better job getting the parts than the guy who has to order them for everyone he works with. I may be able to fix this myself, but will let the guy fix it. Heck, I’ve already put down a $45 down payment, I am going to let him finish the job.

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