I show you out of order!

Frank Slade’s fictional speech in Scent of a Woman totally sums up how I feel towards Parlophone and Virgin Records.

Any of you who have known me a long time realize that I love the song Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve. Favorite song of all time. Ashcroft is a wicked talent, and I regret not going up to NYC to see the Verve with Pete Gombeski when they were in town a while back.

Back to why Parlophone and Virgin suck at business. First, we get told the CD is coming out on March 29. March 29 comes and goes, and — nothing. No word from anyone. A couple blogs speculate a delay, but no immediate email or notice with an apology — “sorry chaps, coming out months later.” Well, April comes around, tour dates are released, but no word on the CD release.

Fast forward to July 14, apparently, the CD is available in 5 days on July 19. July 19 comes and goes — still nothing. No word on the U.S. release date. I can see it on the UK iTunes store, which I can’t buy from, and other British sites, but they won’t let me buy it because I don’t have a UK address or credit card. I facebook about it, but nobody seems to know when it’s coming out for sure. Bobby’s friend Jim says that Amazon said it will come out in the U.S. on July 27, so I say screw it, and order the damn CD from a store in Australia on ebay. (It got here today, August 2.)

As one would figure, the music is not available in the U.S. on July 27, and Amazon now says it is coming out tomorrow — which I doubt. But I don’t care, because I have the CD thanks to the wonders of international shipping, globalization, and somewhat free trade.

But my message to Parlophone and Virgin Records is this — you guys suck at your jobs. Sure, people download music illegally because they don’t want to pay for it, but come on, in this age, you know that this CD was available online for everyone to take illegally within days of its release in Europe/Australia. Why not firm up the release and do it all at once? Not everyone is going to buy the thing from halfway across the freaking world because they like Richard Ashcroft’s music if they can find it for free somewhere online. Some people (like me) are not patient people, but, I respect the artist and wanted to compensate him for his work. Even if it means having to buy it from a label as poorly run as yours.

I even phoned you both in NYC and London to inquire about the release, emailed you, and heard absolutely nothing from you.

So, in conclusion: Parlophone, Virgin Records — wherever you are out there, fuck you too!

This CD had to come all the way across the globe because Parlophone and Virgin Records employ incompetent people. Pictures below of the CD and its international shipping labels. I guess I should be glad Obama didn’t put a tariff on my imported CD.

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