Baseball game recap


My pictures are here.

The Republicans lost, 15-10. It was a close game until Rep. Barton made the disastrous decision to put retiring Rep. Putnam on the mound. His first pitch hit the backstop.

From Roll Call:

With the game tied at 6, Republican manager Rep. Joe Barton (Texas) replaced Shimkus on the mound with Rep. Adam Putnam (Fla.) in the bottom of the third.

That’s when all hell broke loose for the Republicans.

The Sunshine State lawmaker proceeded to give up five walks, two base hits, a wild pitch, nine runs and, ultimately, the Democrats’ first win in nearly a decade. Graves ended the inning with a dazzling catch in center field after Shimkus had returned to the mound to relieve his reliever.

Yeah, well the Democrats had to win at least one game in 9 years, I guess. Fun was had by all.

Congressional Baseball Game: a preview


So, what will happen tonight? It’s the 48th Annual Congressional Baseball game sponsored by Roll Call. It’s raining hard, and Roll Call is reporting that we might know the status of the game at 7:05, or even as late as 9:05. For those who aren’t attending the game or are out of town, the online copy of the program is here.

Who’s playing?

Democratic and Republican members of Congress. Since the Democrats have augmented their majority, they’ll have a larger pool to draw from. Many talented members from the Republican side of the aisle have been defeated, or retired to run for other office (Kenny Hulsolf (R-MO)) comes to mind.

Assuming the game is played, I’d say that the Democrats are favored to win. They’re 0-9 since 2000, but Republicans have a really good shot if they play a perfect game. We all know these games aren’t perfect, but we’ll see.

If the game is played, there will be photos on here tomorrow.

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It’s not TV, it’s BHO.

Arlington: the rap

I’ve decided that funny videos still have a place on the blog.

Nation’s Girlfriends Have Economic Plan: Let’s move in together

The Onion’s videos are getting better and better.

Weekend in Hagerstown

This weekend, Betsy, Sara, Clark, Mark Swift, and I attended the Lake County Captains game in Hagerstown. Sadly, the Captains lost, but a fun time was had by all.

Below is a picture I took of the Captains bullpen in center field.


The man who shot “the shot heard round the world”

The Wall Street Journal did a great bit today on Rudy Mancuso, who shot the most famous picture in baseball history. Enjoy.


The Shot Heard Round the World — Rudy Mancuso

Welcome to my photo blog

Friends, I’ve decided to turn this into a blog showing pictures I’ve recently taken in the Capitol area.

Below is a shot I took on a paper shop in Old Town, click on it for the flickr link.