Olympic Uniform Hypocrisy

For all of this nonsensical outrage that the US Olympic uniforms are made in China or elsewhere, I have a few “don’t be a hypocrite” guidelines for the people angry about this.

I hope you’ll be consistent:

  • Don’t post any image or comment online about this unless you are 100% certain that your computer/phone was made in America.
  • Don’t use any software that might have been designed by foreigners.
  • Don’t watch the Olympics on a television that was made by foreigners.
  • Don’t make any comments about how “bad/evil” this is if you are wearing foreign-made clothes.

By all means, cheer for the USA — even if LeBron James is playing, but please keep your silly mercantilist policy ideas wrapped in the guise of patriotism to yourself, unless you’re going to be consistent about it. 

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