Mowing your lawn just got more expensive in Maryland

We just talked extensively about lawn mowers in an earlier post.

Now, the Washington Examiner notes:

The Washington area’s wealthiest small town has taken a stand against the menace that torments but maintains a posh neighborhood lined with spotless, manicured yards. Lawn mowers and leaf blowers — or, as some residents call them, noise bazookas — are no longer allowed to disrupt cocktail hour in Chevy Chase Village.

Citing quiet evenings on porch swings overrun by a cacophony of yard work, the community of shade-enclosed, Victorian homes has barred all power landscaping equipment after 6 p.m.

But some residents say the push to squash the buzzing — or shrieking, depending on whom you ask — is a step too far in pursuit of the best tranquility money can buy.

“I’m [irritated by] noise too, but this is classic government overreach,” said Peter Yeo, secretary of the Board of Managers, of the group’s recent 5-2 vote to change the landscaping rule. “Now working dads can’t mow their lawns after work. Really? It’s using a sledgehammer to kill a gnat.”

If you’re a kid or a business trying to mow lawns, what happens when you have your business hours arbitrarily reduced by government rule? Less time to mow lawns. If more staff and equipment are required, prices go up. If they decide to spread out lawn mowing, delays and potential higher costs to consumers. For those who still do it themselves? Hassles.

Solution? Don’t live in Maryland.

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