E.J. Dionne has 4 fingers

From the WSJ’s Best of the Web blog.

Four-Fingered Columnist
Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne refuses to give up hope. He claims it’s a myth that Democrats are running from ObamaCare: “Actually, more and more of them are proudly campaigning on what the plan has achieved–and they should.”

Here’s his list:

In a fight for his political life in Wisconsin, Sen. Russ Feingold went on the air last week with an advertisement that explicitly defends provisions in the bill and attacks his opponent, Republican Ron Johnson, for wanting to repeal it. . . .

Feingold’s is one of the more powerful ads about the bill, but the senator is not alone. In an ad that focuses on holding corporations accountable, Rep. Steve Israel of New York touts the bill for stopping insurance companies from denying coverage because of pre-existing conditions. In Nevada, Rep. Dina Titus has a TV ad praising the same provision.

And in his effort to win back a traditionally Democratic congressional seat in New Orleans, state Rep. Cedric Richmond has made incumbent Republican Joseph Cao’s vote against the health care bill a central issue in the campaign.

That’s it. Out of 472 congressional races, four Democrats are running on ObamaCare. That’s Dionne’s idea of “more and more.” The only explanation for this is that he is a cartoon character and it seems like a lot because counting them requires all the fingers on one of his hands.

And actually, they aren’t really running on ObamaCare, but on one provision of it. As Dionne writes:

In fact, there are two “health care bills” competing in this election. One is the parody Republicans have lovingly created that casts the health care bill as a big government monstrosity with no redeeming features. The other is the law itself, an admittedly sprawling legislative compromise that nonetheless moves things in the right direction–and most of whose individual elements voters support.

Dionne, of course, gets this exactly backward. The monstrosity is the actual law; what Democrats are running on is one feature that sounds attractive if you ignore its costs. “The first elements to kick in are very popular,” Dionne observes. Perhaps, but when a condemned prisoner is put to death, the first element of the execution to kick in is a free meal.

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