I know this will offend the one or two people I know who do/did work at Monster, but I am sorry — your website sucks.  It sucked back in 2006 when I was looking for a job.

So, let’s fast forward a few years to late October 2011, when I parted ways with Congress. I was a free agent, and aside from (which is awesome) I figured if is in business 6 years later, surely it must have improved.

I figured, why not try them again — they’re free? Here’s a smattering of the jobs Monster is recommending for me.

Sales Assistant – Posted: 5/3/2012 – Herndon, VA, 20171

New Home Sales Assistant- Posted: 5/3/2012 – Woodbridge, VA, 22192

Senior Cargo Assistant – Posted: 5/3/2012 – Dulles International Airport, VA, 20041

Physical Therapy Assistant – Posted: 5/3/2012 – Richmond, VA, 23238

Physician Assistant/ Nurse Practitioner- Posted: 5/3/2012 – Shenandoah, VA, 22849

Here’s a pet peeve of mine: MARKETING ≠ SALES

Even at SLU’s “Career Services” this is a common mistake. Most people don’t study marketing to sell houses. They study marketing so they can do awesome shit like Cooper Smith.

Monster’s algorithm thinks this former Congressional and Political staffer should be a salesman, sell homes, work with cargo at the airport (a job my mom suggested I do in college) or be a physician/physical therapy assistant or nurse practitioner.

Really? If I wanted to go into those fields, I would not have chosen Saint Louis University — I’d have picked ITT or Strayer. Fine schools for those fields to be sure, but seriously? A guy with a degree in marketing and a fairly solid (if I do say so myself) background in economic policy and you think I should switch to an entry level health-care job? I’m surprised they didn’t urge me to LEARN PHLEBOTOMY like those annoying ads in the the Express.

Health is a growth market, I get that, but really it’s just prima facie evidence that sucks. Oh, and between October and May, 7 resume views and two phone calls of interest that I had no interest in.

A word to the wise, your advertisements that show up after you log in are annoying. Here’s my second round of evidence why sucks:

Oh, studying business and pursuing work in economics and politics for 5 years, it hadn’t occurred to me that maybe I should have been a social worker. Maybe now I’ll pursue a degree in it at USC. Not.

And for the grand finale, I give you this email I actually received from today:

At first, I thought — how cool — maybe has a contest where job seekers can be part of an F1 team for a day. Then I opened it.

Oh, look! A job as a Senior Design Engineer – Formula 1 in Banbury, UK. That’s exactly my background… Engineering. And I’ve been wanting to move to Banbury for ages. What a waste of resources and time.

I closed my account today. However, I will miss the entertaining emails and completely irrelevant job openings.  Thankfully, I’ve been employed since January, but if I had to rely on, who knows where I would be.

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One Thought on “ Sucks

  1. really sucks. This company is a big scam.

    1. Fake jobs adverts: THE specialty of
    2. Outdated job adverts: THE second specialty of
    3. Fake jobs adverts published by crooks and third party “recruiting” firms or interim companies . THE second specialty of
    4. Malfunctioning search engine: THE third specialty of
    5. Extremely limited search engine, no possibility to tune anything and select “employers only” like you can do on for example.
    6. Heavy Tracking, heavy scripting, technically flawed and super slow website that needs tons of java scripts,to run: the ultimate specialty of how to screw job seekers by making them think there are jobs out there while there are only promotions for the companies who pay to publish on this crap website.

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