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H Street Bridge


WJW: Chardon High School in ‘Crisis Mode’ After Shooting

Weird: Fake pictures on the internet of the alleged Chardon shooter. 

Daily Caller: This actually might be his facebook page At least 4 students hurt in shooting at Chardon High School, shooter still at large

Channel 5: Listen to the police scanner traffic

Micro-commentary: I think there is a very troubling tendency in the wake of shootings to immediately use them to make a point about gun laws. This is troubling because it’s done weeks before the facts about the shooting are actually known, regardless if those points are made by conservatives or liberals.

MR: China’s Congress is way richer than ours

The Atlantic: The grocery store of the future?

Reason: Kickstarter Kicks the NEA’s Butt in Arts Funding

CafeHayek: Hungry for attention

CQ: The election’s second front

A new article at

Cartoon of the day

Obama vs. the Koch Brothers

Heaton on Terrorists

Sleepy Larry: The US tax system needs rebuilding

Politico: Dick Lugar, the grandfather of the Indiana GOP, fights for reelection

The HillPoll: Likely voters prefer lower individual, business tax rates

Prof. Switzer: Perfectly ignorant

Deadspin: Marquette Coach Buzz Williams Flirted With Death By Dancing In Front Of WVU Students After Last Night’s Win

Examiner: Owners: Rosecroft Raceway would close without slots

WSJ: U.S. Manufacturing and the Skills Crisis

Mashable: Jolie legbombs the internets

ABC: From the department of “Dead people make for the worst laws…”

ThinkProgress: STUDY: Ron Paul Never Attacked Romney Once During 20 Debates, But Attacked Romney’s Rivals 39 Times

WSJ: How to Fix Executive Compensation

Jonathan Turley: Pennsylvania Judge Throws Out Charge For Harassing Atheist While Calling The Victim A Doofus

I don't think the City Paper will find this amusing

Gawker: The CEO of Pizza Hut Took His Dates to Pizza Hut

Dan Novak has a great auto-biography which tells about his very humble upbringing. Gawker’s tongue in cheek profile barks up the wrong tree.

Alternative Energy Revolution

WS: Insufferable Portland

Given the lack of critical attention to the city, I guess it falls to me to state the obvious: Portland is quietly closing in on San Francisco as the American city that has most conspicuously taken leave of its senses.

NRO: Innovate or Legislate

Yo, is this racist?

OUP: Oh Dude, you are so welcome

Sportspickle: “Moneyball” Loses Best Picture to Big-Budget Yankees Highlights DVD

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: A member of Congress first successfully used the insanity defense

PCWorld: What browser should you use?

IRS: Understanding taxes

WSJ: Gordon Gekko Is Cooperating with the FBI

Senorgif: Glad we got rid of LeBron

Atlantic: The impact of bad bosses

Politico: Billy Crystal jabs GOP field at Oscars

Jezebel: Co-Creator of The Berenstain Bears Dies at 88

WUSA9: DC-area arrest photos

WHNPA: Photo finalists

Google: Inside search

The American: Economics: A Million Mutinies Now

Commentary: Media Matters gets “Buchanan’d” Will it work?

DC: Xena, warrior hypocrite | Media Matters’ Brock paid former partner $850k in ‘blackmail’ settlement

Uberfacts: Apple iPads Would Cost $14,970 If Made In The U.S. (Surely they’d be more expensive, but this much?? Original source.)

Victory Kid: Mind blown

io9: The first flying car was based on the Ford Pinto, and killed its inventor


Plain Dealer: Robert Griffin III is worth 3 first-rounders, but might not make sense for Cleveland Browns, says Dennis Manoloff (SBTV)

Plain Dealer: Kelly Holcomb looks back at his years with the Browns: Audio

Via Frank Alvarez: “Get Ready for Kelly Holcomb


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