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navy memorial

Landsburg: Best Negotiator Ever

CafeHayek: But He’s OUR Leader Exploiting OUR Economic Ignorance!

Bullshit: Supreme Court Refuses to Hear NYC Rent Control Case

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Reason: Republicans Know More Than Democrats, Says Study | Here’s the quiz. I was 100%

CSMonitor: Wal-Mart shares drop on New York Times bribery allegations | Not that this doesn’t happen, in say, Maryland

FamousDC: ABC Ventures Into the RNC War Room [Video]


Bloomberg: Argentina goes rogue again

Weekly Standard: Take my Congressman, please

WSJ: GM to add 600 China dealerships

It was great seeing Lewis Black this weekend at JEOPARDY!

NYDailyNews: 2 Cuban actors in Tribeca Film Festival movie about defecting disappear after landing in Miami (h/t the Eye)

Gizmodo: Iran Cracks US Stealth Spy Drone’s Secrets, Shows Proof

Lifehacker: Top 10 Clever Tricks Built Right Into Gmail

Check out my review of Ms. Remorse, a great book written by a colleague of mine.

i09: Behold the water slide so dangerous it was shut down immediately Skyline Chili co-founder dead at 88

Freakonomics: Does Eating Local Hurt The Environment? (VIDEO)

WaPost: Friends remember Marine killed near their SE hangout

Fishbowl: Arianna to Mayfield, Ohio?

FamousDC: Metro To Spend $15,000 on Trust Fall Exercises

BoingBoing: Logical Fallacies Poster

Eater: Taqueria Nacional Will Indeed Move to T Street This Fall

National Journal: In Nothing We Trust

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