Monday Links

They're nutty on the Peanut Farm

Landsburg: Block Grants and Bad Faith

Or, how a Nobel Laureate [Paul Krugman] doesn’t understand that States have to be subservient to get their own taxpayers’ dollars back

Zoning: A Reply to the Critics

NYTimes: In Manhattan Pizza War, Price of Slice Keeps Dropping

WSJ: Billions Lost in Tax-Refund Scam

WSJ: Showdown in Motown

Roll Call: The Man Behind Massachusetts’ Republicans

Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs…

JayZ loves Kentucky

Romney gets April Fooled


DC: Arlen Specter loses it on conservative talk radio show

Sabato: The Early Outlook for the 2012 Congressional Elections: A Forecasting Perspective

Mercatus: Red ink flows in state-run prepaid tuition programs

Reason: The Truth about Public Servants: Adrian Moore at Reason Weekend 2012 | How Copyright Seems to Keep Books Unavailable and Unexploited: A Graph

Gillespie: Is There a Bullying Epidemic in the U.S.?: Nick Gillespie in the Wall Street Journal

DeadSpin: Here Is The Much-Ballyhooed Ubaldo Jimenez Plunking Of Troy Tulowitzki | Ohio State Administrator Tells Students To Support Team Responsibly During Final Four One Day After Elimination By Kansas

TheHill: For some lawmakers, ‘none of the above’ was only answer on House budget votes

Sorkin: The Newsroom (h/t Alex Lawson)

New MacFarlane Movie: TED

AtlanticWire: Slime Doesn’t Pay: Ground Beef Processor Files for Bankruptcy

Atlantic Cities: The Midwest’s Big Economic Miscalculation | An Oil Company Buys Out an Entire ZIP Code

The Endless Spending Spree: America’s debt is $15.6 trillion and growing. Instead of raising taxes, here’s an idea: Let’s try capitalism.

WaPo: Bar owners back Gray’s alcohol proposal; call for 24-hour city

DCist: Winning Mega Millions Ticket Sold in Maryland Leads to McControversy

St. Louis P-D: Trouble in Loop was anomaly, officials say

HuffPo: Tagg Romney Calls Out ‘Mad Men’ Over George Romney Reference

Mitchell: Revolt of the Irish Tax Slaves

Businesses face lawsuit fears as feds mandate ‘service’ horses be allowed in stores, restaurants

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