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Boudreaux: Take the Ex-Im Bank private

Recovery In Action: Nearly $300 Billion Student Debt In Default

3 Reasons to End Obamacare Before it Begins!

WSJ: Governor 13.3%

RegBlog: Rule of Law Prevails in Sackett v. EPA

WSJ: High Court Help for Rand Paul

Carpe Diem: Markets in Everything: Professional Line-Standing (This is prevalent on Capitol Hill for hearings, too. Sen. McCaskill once proposed banning the practice.)

NakedDC: Need a job? Get related to a Congressman! | Sandra Fluke has never heard of this cheap birth control you speak of.

OTB: Vetting A Running Mate In A Post-Palin World

RFT: Pink Slime: You Know You Want It — Here’s Where to Get It! | Springfield, IL Asks Feds to Shut Down Larry Rice’s Veteran’s Day Shelter

Atlantic Wire: What You Need to Know About This Week’s Epic Supreme Court Hearings | The Major Difference Between Santorum and Romney | Santorum Swears at Reporter over His Romney as ‘Worst Republican’ Line (It’s his Col. Jessup moment)

FamousDC/CC Brackets: I’ve dropped to third

Deadspin: The Boxscore Has The Silliest (And Best) Explanation For Why Tim Duncan Didn’t Play Tonight (DND-OLD) | Here’s The Dancing Baylor Fan Heard ’Round The World

AdvertisingAge: NFL Sidelines Reebok for Nike, Touting Switch as ‘Image Evolution’Mascots Are Brands’ Best Social-Media Accessories

Wonkette: A Children’s Treasury of Scenes From the Coming Race War

DC: Paul Ryan admits he would ‘have to consider’ a VP nod

HotAir: Blue Virginia?  | NY Times credits Bush, Cheney with US energy surge (wait, what?)

WSJ: Kvetch A Sketch | What Would Mitt Romney Look Like on an Etch A Sketch?

Caplan: Why I Am Not an Austrian Economist

Orlando Sentinel: Police: Zimmerman says Trayvon decked him with one blow then began hammering his head

Coulter: Send Lizzie Borden to Washington

But Rick Santorum voted against cutting funding for the NEA every time a vote was taken both as a representative and a senator — in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1997 and 1998.

Herman Cain hates bunnies (h/t Kenn)

FastCo: Unlimited Vacation Doesn’t Create Slackers–It Ensures Productivity

HuffPo: Lieutenant Governors Say Succession Role Is Unifying Bond

Reason: Paul Krugman: ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws Increase Incarceration by Reducing It

i09: How will we get around in the post-apocalypse?

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