Monday Links

Win Buffet

Apparently not a foul.

MR: Temporary vs. permanent increases in government spending

NYTimes: The Man With a Plan to Rebuild After the Apocalypse

Arlnow: Ghosts at Overlee?

LAist: New Close-up Footage of “Kony 2012” Filmmaker’s Breakdown

Gizmodo: Watch This Crazy Hercules Airplane Flying Just Five Meters Above the Ground (I don’t get why this is fascinating, it’s called landing, they do stuff like this all of the time)

My bracket is famous

Bloomberg: Beware Politicians Bearing Election-Year Trade Deals

Billiken Report: Two Seniors Brought Together For Good

Chi Trib: Manufacturing an economic myth (Nostalgia is no guide to sound policy)

Who lets 13 year olds go on spring break? To Mexico, no less!

Sports Grid: News Anchor, Upon Finding Out Peyton Manning Didn’t Sign With Her Team: “F-ck!”

Santorum endorses Romney

NBC: “This American Life” report retracted from PRI

Stoked Bill Self

Best Meme Ever: Paul Krugman

PostLocal: Metro actually fired people? Is the union asleep at the switch? | Metro releases new map (here it is)

Buzzfeed: The Dark Side Of Facebook Memes (Painful, but worth the read)

Poor Patrick Cox: TaxMasters files bankruptcy

Majerus on Mike and Mike

Landsburg: Some Questions for Uwe Reinhardt

Heaton: Avoiding hangovers

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