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Via TWS’s Mark Hemingway:

“Remember folks, Mitt Romney is an out of touch rich guy who just can’t relate to the struggles of ordinary Americans:”

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DailyCaller: Of course Octomom is a stripper now

WSJ: Factory Orders Decline | A J.D. Program for Alaskans

DCist: Ancient D.C. Taxicabs to be Taken Out of Circulation (That won’t raise costs one bit!!)

Tickets go on sale for the Congressional Baseball Game!

Attention Clevelanders: 10 cent beer night cups are, well, 10 cents! h/t Foremann

Bomblr: Man turns dead cat into helicopter (I can see it now: My cat is a helicopter, your argument is invalid.)

Consumerist: Higher Than Usual Dry Cleaning Bill? Blame Those Wire Hangers (Alt Headline: Blame bad US Trade policy..)

Photo of the day: Power Stance

Happy Birthday, Matt Fuller!

Boing Boing: The little 747 who dared to dream

Reason: Sorry, students! Obamacare leads colleges to cease insurance plans

Mrs. Landingham dies (for real this time) West Wing Reference

RIP Mr. Trololo

WashPost: Maryland requires (by law) its local breweries to “buy local.”

PoP: This Guy Does Not Think Cleveland Park Is Steelers Country h/t Kenn

Excellent video by the Tribe:

Forbes: A Generation of sissies

Wired: First Test Flight for Military’s Mega-Drone

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