Mission Accomplished?

Has your financial institution run advertisements like this?

Well, mine did, and look what I got in the mail:


The controversy started when Huffington Post covered a fellow USSFCU Member’s Change.org petition, which demanded in response to the boob job mailer that:

1. Disciplinary action of the persons responsible for creation and approval of the mailing
2. A mailed apology to everyone who received the mailing
3. Anti-sexism training to help improve the environment in which this was allowed to occur.

But once the apology came out, the petition was shut down. Hey, they got one of three — just wasting more of my credit union’s money through an apology MAILED TO THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE.

Mission Accomplished, Feminists. Thanks for wasting my credit union’s money for an apology that few people needed mailed to them.

BONUS: A relevant Married to the Sea comic.

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One Thought on “Mission Accomplished?

  1. errand wolfe on June 7, 2012 at 11:06 am said:

    this mailer actually made me consider moving my account from the congressional federal credit union to the senate one. come on wpcfcu, get your act together, the senate is outboobing you.

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