Metro’s Absurdly Unnecessary Rush+ Promo

What is 7 inches by nearly 3 feet, glossy, and a total waste of money? Glad you asked!

It’s WMATA’s new Rush+ promo.

If you want to know why WMATA never seems to run in the black, consider this mailer exhibit no. 4358902 in waste. Inconvenient (and less likely to be read), WMATA should have had the sense to be succinct and thrifty.

But no, WMATA had to spare no expense on this monstrosity. I’m just trying to learn how Rush+ screws me as a Huntington rider, WMATA, I don’t need a brochure that you’d make for WMATA Conductor University™’s potential students. (I already know how I’m getting screwed and didn’t need the brochure, by the way.)

Every dollar wasted on shit like this is a dollar that could be spent on, I don’t know, complying with NTSA safety demands. 

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