Metro, it’s not me, it’s you

Breaking up is hard to do, so goes the song, but I recently had a break up I am not sure is going to be that hard: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, I am breaking up with you.

It became official on Friday when I was issued my parking pass at work.

Sure, there will be things I’ll miss about you Metro. The interesting experiences with fellow passengers and tourists, but I’m sure that driving in our nation’s capital will afford me some interesting experiences too. While dealing with your ever present delays, I’d read the multitude of things for work, magazines, or my new kindle (which I love) but there will be time for that elsewhere in my day, just not while I am driving.

Why break up with Metro? I can assure you that I did it under the guise of the temporary “time off”, but with some rides on the side. Metro and I are now no longer exclusive, but friends with benefits, if you will. I just can’t lug around the Arizona Booze Kittens softball equipment without the assistance of my sister Betsy being on the hill.

Things I will definitely not miss this summer on Metro:

  • “Step back, doors closing.”
  • “Excuse me, is that your bag?”
  • 18 minute waits
  • Panhandlers
  • Students in the morning
  • Gallery Place/Chinatown
  • Broken air conditioning
  • Offloading trains
  • Delays due to things Metro alerts hide from you
  • People playing music without headphones
  • Smells

Things I will miss:

  • My Examiner / Express people
  • Interesting experiences
  • The ability to have more than 2 drinks after work
  • Not worrying about the price of gas too much
  • Car maintenance

That said, I expect I’ll be on Metro again come September, maybe earlier, who knows. But Metro, we need some time apart.

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