Meters v. Paywalls — Sully Style

The chattering class in Washington, D.C. is in a big hoopla after Andrew Sullivan announced he was leaving the Daily Beast (attention old folks, this is now Newsweek) to run his old blog again. He left the Atlantic in Washington last year for NYC to work for the Daily Beast/Newsweek. Like Glenn Beck, Sullivan will test the waters to see if enough people value his content to pay for it. Put another way, he’s “gone rogue” Sarah Palin style.

The big news? His blog will have a meter. A meter, got it? NOT A PAYWALL. NOBODY CALL IT A PAYWALL.

After all, what are meters? Usage devices that trigger — wait for it — a paywall! Meters are but functions of paywalls, but I guess that’s just semantics. It seems to irk Sullivan though that people are saying he will have a paywall. When, at some point for readers, he will. (Unless of course they delete their cookies, use multiple browsers, or find other ways around the paywall.)

While not a regular reader of his content, wishes him the best on this experiment.

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