I randomly applied to a job with McDonald’s recently. I like them as a company, enjoy their food, and I think it’d be a good experience. So, per the posting, I send my resume to the contact. I hear nothing.

Then I get an email telling me I have to go through their website to apply formally. I do so.

In late night discussions with an old college friend, the following exchange takes place:

me: I am applying for < redacted > job with McDonald’s.
Their corporate webpage has a “I am a referral of:___________”
Should I say:
1.) Ronald McDonald
2.) Grimace
3.) Nothing

Friend: go with Birdie… i think she’s a chick and that scores diversity points

me: How could I forget about Birdie
I can see their HR person asking about Birdie
and then getting brought in on the joke, and me not getting the job

Friend: are the mcdonaldland creatures still in existence?
or did they get phased out with joe camel and spuds mackenzie

me: I think they’ve gotten downplayed as of late

What do I do? List Birdie as a reference.

So not getting this job, but seriously. Who doesn’t have a fucking email address?

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3 Thoughts on “McDonald’s

  1. And, if any of you are wondering, it was more of a suit and tie job, not a burger lineman job. 🙂

  2. James Fox on January 4, 2011 at 12:05 pm said:

    All the worse that it’s a suit and tie job and they have exception for those without an e-mail address. Why not just have an exception for those without a last name?!

  3. Liked: McDonald’s (from

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