Malaise-y Cleveland

President Obama is obsessed with Cleveland, which is strange. Cleveland’s main export: crippling depression. Yet, month in and month out, President Obama showers Cleveland — particularly Shaker Heights, home of rich liberals — with love.

Who gives a speech about economic policies in Cleveland? Cleveland has been recycling failed economic policies since World War Two. It could be worse, Cleveland could be Detroit, but Cleveland missed a few crucial updates on the economic policy thing over the years. It’s stuck in the late 1960’s. Arch-enemy Pittsburgh, as much as it pains me to say, got the memo.

Cleveland does lead America’s top 40 cities in one thing: losing people.

Maybe Obama picks Cleveland for economic speeches because the audience couldn’t be any less knowledgable about the topic, as evidenced by the leaders they continually elect.

To put it in Cleveland terms, President Obama’s economic policy is like asking Shaker Heights to fund the liabilities of the City of Cleveland and its own, without Cleveland cutting back on spending one stanley nickel.

This speech wasn’t groundbreaking, as advertised, but rather him recycling things he’s said GWU or the AP luncheon. He railed on tax cuts, bragged about his tax cuts, and railed on them again. The speech sounded like it was given by a fellow with Dissociative Identity Disorder. (But hey, he does “hear voices”.)

Cleveland will never change because Cleveland doesn’t want to change — no matter how spectacularly its policies have failed. Funny. Neither does President Obama. 

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