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So tonight I actually went to the DC Social for the “Cheezburger Network.”

Alright. It is official. I’m a huge nerd. I’m OK with telling you this because you likely already know. I guilt tripped my friend Ben into attending, but I knew that deep down, he really wanted to go. It was at the Washington Post building, there were free things, free beer, free cheezburgers, and people who like memes. I love memes. We got there and quickly realized that while we thought we loved memes, we were mere hobbyists compared to most attendees.

If you don’t know what the Cheezburger network is, click here. If you don’t know what a meme is, click here.

I had invited my girlfriend Mary, who works two blocks away. Truthfully, I was afraid she’d be weirded out by the whole thing. You know, like that scene from Knocked Up where they follow Paul Rudd to the draft party? So, rather than hide the hobby from Mary, I figured I’d bring her into the fold. Ben and I quickly grabbed some free cheeseburgers, bought copies of the books by Ben Huh, got them autographed,  and got our own versions of Happy Cat (see below.)

Earlier in the day, I emailed the RSVP link to my friend from college, Chris, who lives in town. Turns out his girlfriend had already RSVP’d them, and he was there. Seeing as they introduced Mary and I, my worries diminished. Then some weird guy kept talking about second life, complete with a projector screen of his character, a copy of the Kool Aid man. We all hoped he would stop before the girls got there. Thankfully, he did, but the projector kept going. It was awkward, especially knowing that we were the most conservative people there. (Which may not actually be the case, given Gawker’s hit piece on Huh.)

I was torn whether to get the free Happy Cat or the LOLRUS, which really brought me into the meme world. His commentary on the mortgage crisis brought me in hook, line, and sinker. Here’s an excerpt:

Reta Sanden from Turlock, California:

I am a realtor in the Central Valley of California, one of the hardest hit areas in the recent housing crunch. I too own a home, and my husband and I are struggling not just because I am not making any commissions lately, but because everything is going up – food, gas, taxes, you name it. We refinanced our home in November 2005 to do some much needed improvements. Now our adjustable rate mortgage is due to adjust in November. We are not sure what it will adjust to which is very worrying as my income has been greatly affected recently.
Banks used to be happy to talk to us and lend us money. Now we really need help and they don’t want to know us. We want to keep our home, and make the payments but if banks are going to turn their backs on us, then they deserve the losses they incur. Unless people are relieved of their prior credit damages, and are given a reasonable chance to pay back their debts, then they are in serious trouble.

Lolrus says:

Scuse, please? Why? Why come you buy ARM? Why not purchase bucket at affordable fixed rates? Scuse, as a realtor you should knows better. Me wish could lives in California but too expensive. Good fish there.

How can you not love that? All in all, it was fun.

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