Life without xbox

What to do, what to do? My xbox died recently. It got the red ring of death.

I thought it was the power supply, and didn’t heed the sage advice of Mike Obrock, and sought a new power supply. If that weren’t the issue, I could have always returned it, but the store I went to exchanged it for free. Wasn’t really the problem, though. So, with much sadness, I shipped off the bomble xbox off to Texas (to visit Bobby Metzinger) for a repair.

Lucky for me, the warranty covers this ailment until November of this year, so it will be fixed/replaced for free, including shipping!

I get home, and realize that I have no distractions to deter me from working on a paper I need to complete soon, but I definitely need to putz around for a while, so what will I do?

It will warm the heart of my mom, the librarian, that I will read for a while tonight! That is what I will do, and maybe watch a little football, all while working on the paper, of course.

My new life sherpa feature only got one submission, and no, Bobby, my xbox package isn’t bringing any Cheerwine to Texas. Sorry.

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